Saturday, April 30, 2016


Here zips my A-Z Challenge. It is a pleasure to save the best for the last. Some of the reflections of having taken part in this for the third time:

1.This is the first time that I'm succeeding in this challenge that I participated in three consecutive years. The reason I'm succeeding this time is my husband Sundar who kept nagging me to post every day.

2. Motivation dwindles with each passing day. To stay in the challenge it takes some excitement in the form of other bloggers. Comment on various blogs and you will never know, your source of inspiration can come from places you never expected from.

3. You don't just write, you read, you learn and you accomplish something each day. You have enough freedom to think and write and it gives great satisfaction.

4. Life is a challenge. With each challenge completion you get life lessons too. So never miss it.

5.Congratulations to me and everyone who survived. You made it!


  1. Congrats Malavikka. I really enjoy your write ups loads. Do visit and check my last posts:)

  2. Congrats Malu for completing the challenge and a big round of applause for Sundar for motivating you to complete it

  3. This is my 2nd challenge and I love it. I love finding new blogs and I enjoy the community feel to the challenge. Well done on completing it :)



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