Monday, April 11, 2016



 Interest is a key factor in driving you to do anything in life. But when something is not interesting, how can one react to it? I used to hate studying all through my life ever since school. I learnt 101 ways how not to do it and here I present some methods to make studying interesting.

*Keep a pouch full of colorful pens. Write and see what you have learnt. The attractive colors will woo you to write more and hence keep you engrossed.

*If you are a team worker, do group study. Even better, restrict your group to just you and one or two more friends who are focussed. Take one part of the syllabus each, learn it and teach each other. Listening to something helps you grasp it easier than reading.

* Relate the concepts to real life situations. Ex; Newton's law - Every action has equal and opposite reaction can be connected with something funny like a person who slaps gets slapped back immediately.

*Reward yourself duly after completing each portion. For instance, if you set your goal to one chapter in an hour, prize yourself with an ice cream when you achieve it. The ice cream will be a motivation for you to do it. In case you dont complete on time, never mind, give some grace time and try to finish it within that. If that too fails, go to the next chapter and keep this for the last. This way, you will keep moving unstoppable.

*Use a short chair that helps you rest your legs perfectly on the floor and keeps your back erect. The sitting posture is more important while studying because it determines how soon you get tired.

*Don't forget to revise at the end of your session. Just attach keywords to all the points and test your memory.

 *Have a good night's sleep of minimum 6 hours. 

*No matter how much you have prepared, stay confident of finishing your lessons and giving your best for the examination. Confidence levels work wonders than you think. Keep your head cool and perform.


  1. Helpful tips for students at the right time (exam time)

  2. Interest is a key factor in driving you to do anything in life. .... xactly if u force urself in interest n do the job the outcome ll b great........for example if u force interest urself in kitchen n prepare any recipe it ll b very taste whereas if u do it disinterested manner the food wont ve any taste .......



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