Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Master Breeze and Humble Grass

Are these wizards of the wavery land
Or dance from the triggered wand?
They turn implicitly towards Him;
Breaking the monotony of the day
Lost in solitude they gently sway.
Has He jinxed or hypnotized them?
That they dare not break their regime!
He wanders leisurely across the globe
Travels leisurely as long as he likes his probe.
He brings back desiderata for their food
And again glide on them as strong as his mood.
As summer, autumn, spring & winter in close,
They realize their master was rightly chose.
When Christmas presents are due
He timely brings them as dew.
When He's faced with hardships of humidity
He appeals to the heavens & settles in clouds:
To save them from scorching fiery
He runs down to earth with fury
Not empty handed, but with clouds' treasury.
He fills them to quench their thirst
And once their desiderata for food fulfilled,
He glides on them as strong as his mood.
They rustle & chortle sarcastically at his attention
Yet as GRASS humbly obey their master Breeze with passion!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Endhiran, The Robot.

Endhiran, the Robot is expected to be one of the masterpieces of Indian movies, atleast for Tamil film Industry. In terms of technology, graphics and magnificence, the movie has done full justice and accomplished its goal. Rajini Kanth, as a robot plays the "center of attraction role" in the movie. This is definitely a different movie for Rajini as he deviates his character and body language from his usual style of his former movies. But the title and theme is given more emphasis than the usual "hero-heroine" emphasis of Tamil movies. If you are there, wanting the superficial stunts and the-good-boy role of heroes, expecting Rajini as all in all, its not the kind of movie you are anticipating. The Robot takes the center stage, dominating the movie, being empowered by his title role. Or if you were a person lost in the mesmerism of Ash's beauty in her previous movie "Jeans" under Shankar's direction, this movie cannot promise to bring back the same doll because Jeans was shot in her 20's when beauty was at her most dazzling stage but yes, the goddess of beauty Ash, does stay health wise fit and right for her age, a matter to be optimistic about. The point is that the movie seldom is written for the hero-heroine, but for the theme of the story. So, its not a sensation because of Super Star or beauty queen, but because of a science fiction directed in a neat way. Some things like the Robot returning back, assembling back its partial parts even after chopping off its parts appear incredible and a little bit superficial, but it sure does create the inspiration for students to know more about Robotics and programming!
Movie Summary:
Vasegaran(Rajini Kanth) is a scientist aiming to make a Robot to dedicate to the Indian Army and successfully accomplishes in making it, considering it to be his life time achievement. But his professor is jealous about his cognizance and rejects the Robot during its evaluation just for the fact that it can neither possess nor understand human feelings. Vasegaran takes this as a challenge and incorporates all such features in the Robot and feels proud. But here starts the trouble, for it starts loving his girlfriend Sana(Aishwarya Rai) and tries to kiss her. But Sana tries to make him understand that it is against law and the Robot walks away innocently in pain. Vasegaran gets pissed up when it attempts to kiss her and in ire chops it into pieces and throws it in the trash. Professor(villain) tries to contact it in virtual call, but manages to search for it in the trashes and remakes the same Robot incorporating an additional destruction chip inside it. The Robot begins destruction and the story goes about how they manage to control and destroy the Robot. The story is the same old concept that is told and retold in English movies, but the attempt for impeccable and spectacular making is commendable.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Phases of a Woman's Life

As a bud she leaps out of the womb
To behold her first sunlight.
Encased with love and ready to delight-
The world with her tranquility.
She germinates with fragility & exquisitely
And blooms with redolent fragrance.
Nestled & rejoiced, reflects her vigilance;
Clandestinely she begets her inflammation
In her transformation from worm to butterfly,
Diluting her nonchalance with ameliorating pulchritude.
To pollinate she flies, aroma too encompassed
To dec her beehive with honey.
As a Queen Bee she infuses reverence
From her family with weapon of patience.
To cascade her love and sustain her maneuver of goodness,
Another angel debuts the Earth
From her womb to get her first sunshine!

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Individuality" Confiscated

Flight disabled for a duck;
Deciphers eagle is superior?
Or swimming refrained for eagle
Unravels the duck's eminence?
Water analogously domiciles fish and crane
Can the crane inhabit in a fish tank?
Or can the fish switch into amphibian?
Water, an indispensable part of life!
Should we all become aquatic then??
Engineering,a mania for blind people,
Magnet for herd mentality
And an insult for individuality!
B.E=Brain Extinction or Burden Endless!
Look at me!
I ain't a cub, but a cat!
Hold it!Should I discomfit??
Cubs cant mew,I can!!
Unique by purpose, not by size
Superior by nature,not physique.
[Want proof? Dare cuddling cubs!]
Every rain drop was once invisible moisture,
My potential is mere untapped treasure.
Or give me back my wings!
Let me fly in the unobstructed air
With nose high and workaholic pleasure!
Not as a monkey with garland,
But as an oviparous crow with stick
[A paltry looking tool]
To build my majestic nest!
Put me in my residence
I need to break my reticence
Not to grumble, not to sigh,
But out of the cage to freely fly!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Me Back Home!

My aesthetics have dimmed,
Into the civilization of another society
Am I driven and drifted.
From sorry, thank you and please,
To hit, ransack and run away...
From discernment,share and love
To lust,disloyalty and cheat...
In an adulterated world of falsehood
Where no righteousness nor ethics stand
Am I toppling unsteadily
With miscellaneous emotions whirling
"Get me back home!",I scream.
Once a safe home - 'school'
Never pursues to be your life long home.
Yes, the reality I do perceive.
Pushes me away, the rattling wind of time.
Dare I to walk against the wind
Which billows beckoning tempest
Inching me from determination to ambivalence.
For perseverance I pray
And never yielding I do stay.
To be a Roman in Rome
Or retain my identity in all phases?
I interrogate the light in me.
Light is to break the darkness
So is my remit to crack the trials
And come out of my shell of worry
With more insight than injury.
I wished I could get back home...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ain't A Born Engineer..

Semaphores and virtual machines,
Software and programming aren't in my veins.
I ain't a couch potato or a vidiot,
To discomfit I ain't a born engineer!
Era of computers might roll
Realms of bullions might IT rule
"Pen is mightier than the sword"
Nothing can neutralise the power of words!
Wordsworth's nature romance enchants me,
Potter's fantasy world enthralls me.
Born to reach out for the skies,
I'm a literature buff
With the power to innovate my world
And lead everyone into my magic land.
Oh Frost! I hadn't taken,
"The Road Not Taken".
Lost in the maze,
I scamper through the darkness.
Light at the end of every tunnel?
Oh guiding light!
Shed thy radiance to cross the hurdle
And successfully herd the cats
Engendering to triumphantly execute my remits.

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