Saturday, August 28, 2010

Phases of a Woman's Life

As a bud she leaps out of the womb
To behold her first sunlight.
Encased with love and ready to delight-
The world with her tranquility.
She germinates with fragility & exquisitely
And blooms with redolent fragrance.
Nestled & rejoiced, reflects her vigilance;
Clandestinely she begets her inflammation
In her transformation from worm to butterfly,
Diluting her nonchalance with ameliorating pulchritude.
To pollinate she flies, aroma too encompassed
To dec her beehive with honey.
As a Queen Bee she infuses reverence
From her family with weapon of patience.
To cascade her love and sustain her maneuver of goodness,
Another angel debuts the Earth
From her womb to get her first sunshine!

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