Sunday, August 9, 2009


Pulchritude of tenderness, queen of patience
Is just not what mother has pertinence
She removes the nonchalance
By radiating her genial
Akin the Santa in the winter
And christmas amidst rigorous cold.
She basks her home sunshine
And decs the family with her smile.
Like hedgerows she repress
Although like rose she delights.
The princess is her world
Whose shaping she chores.
She donates her vigilance
From the fragile epoch
Till the mellow state of the child.
She fills the downstream of heart
With the waterfall of her love
And nurtures her children with ineffable love
The ray of her nobility
Could change even the incorrigible
And incredibly erase the indelible.
With the might of love and awe of fervor
She marks the path to move mountains.
A teacher, lover and friend in just one soul!
God's messenger to deliver a soul
Into the planet earth and execute his remit
Of taking care of his new creation efficaciously,
She is the ruler of world and heaven!
A tribute to all angels of earth - "mothers"!

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