Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rainy Night

It's a cold Wednesday night. I had made it half way past en route home from office. Just as I stepped out of the metro train station, I heard the rains cheering merrily in their pitter patter. Rejected by an auto who demanded high rates, I lazily took a stroll and spotted the usually enticing sweet stall. Just to take aegis it won't harm to enter, I told myself.

And inside, awaited food porn. Several sweets of unknown varieties and lip-smacking savouries. ‘A light bite wouldn't add up to more calories,’ I consoled and cajoled myself to ask for a snack that didn't have any ingredients that would do my body bad. “Which of these are free from green chilli?” I naively asked trusting the shopkeeper.

Drawing his fingers over an array, he pointed at onion kachori. “Yumm, kachori and yumm onion, give me one right away,” I ordered. Swallowing one bite, I realized that the cunning guy had pointed at it coz it had ground chillies that were not conspicuous. Looking out, I realised that the rain had not ceased. 

Again, I ordered a new sweet. Finishing it off, I saw that the rain was relentless and stubborn. Thus I ordered another savoury. But this time, I made up my mind not to trust the deceptive weather. I walked out munching and crunching up to the bus stop. Like the hug of a mother on a weary day, the fragrance of a wild Jasmine tree embraced me, nourishing my soul. “Aww, I love you too,” I expressed my big bear hug in my mind.

Reaching the bus stand, I witnessed the auto men encashing the situation on a heavy demand for rides and helpless passengers. “This is a blessing in disguise. I want to face the music,” I resolved. For ages I had been eyeing the branded garments store opposite the stop. After a second thought, I ventured inside. Man, what class! The attire were ethnic and yet trendy. “I will shop here at least once in my lifetime!” I promised. 

Taking a last look, I peeped into jewellery section. A blue stone festooned by a leather string read, ‘Rs.3999 only’ “Holy moly! This is theft,” I gasped. My longing to buy the classy suits now changed into content as my contempt increased about the exorbitant prices. “Maybe life has much valuable things to do worth my money,” relief washed over me as I realised that after all class came with an unreasonable price.

“You were born for better things. Your wardrobe is already overflowing. Although some clothes have turned old, you still have way too many to wear and way too many things for a worthy spending. Thank you God for making me, me,” I thought, smiling to myself.

Sitting outside the store, I sat to type my blessing for the day as I watched the rain pouring in steady pace without a truce. Maybe this too is a blessing in disguise to take my me time! *Winks*

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Save Chennai Protest


Now that I have got your attention, here's what I got to say!

Chennai has been a city that I absolutely adore and worship more than just for this selfishness that its my hometown. It has cradled people from all walks of life.

And what do we give back?

1. Posters saying, “I love you Chennai.”
2. Protest against the government for anything that you feel is an injustice.
3. Industries, markets, business hubs
Have you ever stopped to look at the city and what it really needs? Now, calling all you noble NGOs and first flag holders for A-Z protest services! Here's what the favours you have returned to the city has yielded:
1. Additional paper waste and waste of time with your posters
2. Herd mentality where one person protests and falls into the ditch and one lakh people fall into the same ditch
4. 100% pollution through population and industries


I'm a hardcore Chennai loyalist. I'm not a US return. But I stay in Bangalore. I live in Bangalore for the past two years and here is what I have realised the contrast between the two cities

1. Bangalore acts as a father. It helps us earn, does not have a street dustbin but people hesitate to throw waste. Even if someone does, from somewhere you get voices condemning the act and forbiding it.
On the other hand, Chennai has been a pampering mother. It gives you so much love but takes in all the abuse you do. Nobody questions and one is always at home, be it polluting or endangering. Trees on a street is cut, and no one cares, People see garbage on road and are dutiful in throwing more garbage, coz something is already there! “Its not you who is going to newly pollute, oh welcome to the club”. And even better, “When you are in Rome, be a Roman, polluting is Indian!”

2. Bangalore has encroachments on river lands but it has encroachment free pavements.
On the other hand in Chennai, pavements are earmarked for parking/hawkers or even better, urinal.

3. Bangalore nurtures vegetation. Undeniably it is also undergoing deforestation in many places. Yet, every house in Bangalore, even though is constructed in congested spaces, has at least one pot plant which they water. The roads are under the aegis of huge age old trees that thrive.
On the other hand, Chennai is like a dry land. Even though there are few trees here and there, every day, there is a tree cut for want of building spaces or other man-made inconveniences for which he destroys green cover.

4. Last but not the least, Bangalore, although is having decreased rainfall every year in comparison to the previous year, is still fresh with oxygen despite the vehicles igniting their engines with carbon print. There is no stench in all the nooks and corners and is blissfully airy and chill all round the year. Even summers here are bright but cool.
Chennai, needless to say, is hot even in winters! It is an oven of freshly baked people ready to switch it on again and again and again until it bursts! If anyone gets a stink somewhere, they know what to do – Close their noses and eyes!
How long can you keep turning a blind eye towards the abuse that you and your siblings are doing to your mother? Isn't it unfair on your part? Doesn't Chennai deserve better at all?

Here's what you can do!

Come join the movement in making Chennai a better place to live in. Mullaivanam, a man with a big heart has dedicated his life towards planting trees. Stall your protests for a while. Just because its easy to point your index finger to get a ticket to the hero platform and stop following the herd. If you really want to do some good before you die, save the earth!
Put your hands together to plant trees. The materials, seeds, place and everything is provided by Mullaivanam. You just need to spend some precious time to rebuild the city from its scratch.
Tree Bank, the foundation run by Mullaivanam has collected one crore neem seeds to be planted all over Tamilnadu. Reach out to this real hero and become one by lending a helping hand!

Contact Details

Tree Bank, no. 9, 1st floor, Kamarajar Salai, Virugambakkam, Chennai – 600092. (Near Arcot road)
Phone: 9444004310/ 9382184310/044-2376431/044-23774310

Friday, September 15, 2017

Why does India have caste violences?

There are three types of people in the country

Type 1

They claim not to believe in caste and ridicule all sacred practices, especially those of the FC. Whenever they are faced with challenges, they flash their SC/ST caste cards to portray they are the poor souls under the iron hand of FC. (Is the vada size small in Nair tea shop? Oh! Thats coz, he's a Nair and the customer was a dalit!) From nowhere they will feel happy to be identified by caste when it comes to reservation and secretly enjoy pulling down deserving candidates.

Type 2

Moderate in religious beliefs. They follow their customs and respect everyone else's too. They celebrate Diwali and yet send Christmas and Ramzan wishes too. But when intimidated about their beliefs, put on their armour and point the sword.

Type 3

These people have a staunch belief in their culture and suspect every other religions of treachery against them. Even if someone tries to be friendly, they are sceptical or fakeness.

Who among these three people are good? With this endless battle, India is facing trouble progressing. And now, there is the enlightened fourth type that claims that there is neither caste nor religion and belittle those with beliefs. You are not intelligent but outright stupid because, even no caste is a belief for which you are fighting for!

People, in the motive to sound intelligent, don't forget that your journey is as important as your destiny. Have your beliefs, but don't interfere in another person's. We are a mosaic of cultures and religious intolerance will get us nowhere. Yes, India was a Hindu country. Yes, now we have Christians and Muslims and so many other religions. Yes, we have survived and lets dare to take a yes to excel too!

People choose different paths to achieve fulfillment and success. Just coz they are not on your road does not mean that they are lost! Spend your time worthy than fighting over such paltry things like trying to change someone else while you are not perfect yourself. Live and let live. Jai hind!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Expectations Versus Reality

I am one among those thousands of people out there who was deceived believing all through my childhood that college life meant freedom and happiness.

Pow! Reality punched my face when I was enrolled in an average engineering college. Having studied in an all girls school throughout, it came as a shock when I saw that guys and girls do not talk to each other normally, my classmates were not civilized and raised with poise, and boys always eve teased. Topping this up was bad infrastructure and teaching.

My passion towards journalism somehow kept breeding even in tough times and I convinced myself that a sophisticated and renowned college would match to my standards of fun and civilisation.

Yet another time, life rung the reality bell and my PG life too was a total disaster because the ways of those students were shockingly rude and disappointingly bad.

With lessons learnt, I had nil expectations for my job life. ‘Colleagues’ as ppl would call the fellow workers, were not to be tagged as ‘friends’, I told myself.

My first job was a challenging reporter profile where I traveled all around the city. It gave me knowledge, power and strength. And the people? They were great friends! We were four guys n me, the only girl in our gang and we even went out together for night shows. Real friendship, I experienced for the first time in my life.

Days passed n I shifted four companies. In my recent company, which was my first corporate experience, I witnessed Christmas day celebrations and it was like living a great childhood life as an adult. I felt rejuvenated and happy.

At last, my career has been a fairy tale with many happily ever afters. When one door closes, another opens.

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