Friday, September 15, 2017

Why does India have caste violences?

There are three types of people in the country

Type 1

They claim not to believe in caste and ridicule all sacred practices, especially those of the FC. Whenever they are faced with challenges, they flash their SC/ST caste cards to portray they are the poor souls under the iron hand of FC. (Is the vada size small in Nair tea shop? Oh! Thats coz, he's a Nair and the customer was a dalit!) From nowhere they will feel happy to be identified by caste when it comes to reservation and secretly enjoy pulling down deserving candidates.

Type 2

Moderate in religious beliefs. They follow their customs and respect everyone else's too. They celebrate Diwali and yet send Christmas and Ramzan wishes too. But when intimidated about their beliefs, put on their armour and point the sword.

Type 3

These people have a staunch belief in their culture and suspect every other religions of treachery against them. Even if someone tries to be friendly, they are sceptical or fakeness.

Who among these three people are good? With this endless battle, India is facing trouble progressing. And now, there is the enlightened fourth type that claims that there is neither caste nor religion and belittle those with beliefs. You are not intelligent but outright stupid because, even no caste is a belief for which you are fighting for!

People, in the motive to sound intelligent, don't forget that your journey is as important as your destiny. Have your beliefs, but don't interfere in another person's. We are a mosaic of cultures and religious intolerance will get us nowhere. Yes, India was a Hindu country. Yes, now we have Christians and Muslims and so many other religions. Yes, we have survived and lets dare to take a yes to excel too!

People choose different paths to achieve fulfillment and success. Just coz they are not on your road does not mean that they are lost! Spend your time worthy than fighting over such paltry things like trying to change someone else while you are not perfect yourself. Live and let live. Jai hind!


  1. Yes, it is very true that people take different roads and ultimately ends at a common place. This is what Adi sankarer told many years ago.
    The ultimate destination of every river is the ocean. Similarly, whatever be the religion of a person, his/her destination is at the lotus feet of the God who is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotence.

  2. Great article, thanks for enlightenment

  3. we can save earth from free of pollution only by self hygiene...........beautifully said malavikka



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