Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soothing Fraternity

A warm breeze in summer,
The sweetest perfume of blossoms in spring
A tepid coat in winter
An incredible force to bliss at every moment bring.
Invisible, yet ineffable
Though miles may lie between,
The exchanged affection being indelible
Never can distances screen
One another's love
For this affable special bond
Proves unbreakable, everlasting and above
When flows into the rapport filled pond
And blends with the river of intimacy
Quenching people's thirst for true discernment
Replacing any agony with ecstacy.
A soothing ointment
To any heartbreak mend;
A warm hug in need,
And ever-stretching out helping hand
Plenty of energy does it feed.
Love and understanding are its seeds,
Which reaps a fruitful harvest.
Envy and misunderstanding being its weeds,
Creates a cacaphony of the worst.
Yet true fraternity never dies
And in one-another's heart forever lies..........

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nature's Beauty

As the ball of honey dips into the silver lining
The white sheep stroll lazily n come swimming
As the honey dissolves in the gleam
The red wine cascades out as a stream.
As the glowing silver coronet radiates a smile at its curvature
The sparkling splendors honor the party yonder.
While it goes unnoticed by the busy machines under
For the lack of panorama in an urban area
O Keller! Fail I to honor thy words."
To peer out through the windows of my soul
Stunned by nature's grandeur game of rise and fall

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