Monday, July 6, 2009

Nature's Beauty

As the ball of honey dips into the silver lining
The white sheep stroll lazily n come swimming
As the honey dissolves in the gleam
The red wine cascades out as a stream.
As the glowing silver coronet radiates a smile at its curvature
The sparkling splendors honor the party yonder.
While it goes unnoticed by the busy machines under
For the lack of panorama in an urban area
O Keller! Fail I to honor thy words."
To peer out through the windows of my soul
Stunned by nature's grandeur game of rise and fall


  1. sweet one

    do visit my blog too

  2. malvika
    wah nice potrayt u paint in yur poem
    gr8 work ,congrats
    Stunned by nature's grandeur game of rise and fall
    line i like most
    thanx for sharing

  3. Hey, Nice Blog. You should participate in the Orangy Pen Competition. The flair and calibre you have, I am sure, you shall surely do great.The Orangy Pen competition

  4. Woww... beautifully pictured. I am visualizing it now :)

  5. Nice poem, with beautiful imagery and all...and even an allusion. It was a good read.

  6. very nice n interesting thoughts
    hats off malavikka

  7. Early in the morning,
    felt a feel of soft air,
    tiny stars in the horizon,
    made me remember something.
    A distant voice that whishpered
    Behold! there exists the nature
    who plays a game of fall and rise in grandure.

    whispering voice - Malavikka.
    A beautiful poem.....
    Geethaa ...

  8. wow..nicely brought are a good poet



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