Friday, December 4, 2009

Seasons Of life

When I was berserk,
Imminent to let out a tantrum,
Billowed with uncanny conundrum,
The coronet of patience fortified me.
Triggered and tormented by ice queen
I let fate's snowflakes cover me.
Shivering in the doom of winter
It wasn’t cushy not to malevolent
The frost bites engendering snowflakes.
Indeed tis asinine to ambush the flakes.
Using the snow to build an Igloo
Was the cognizant decision to make
I let fate confiscate my voice
And kismet bequeath the verdict.
As the snow got thicker and thicker
My igloo got more and more potent.
I summoned God as the magistrate
As his sight is unfaltering n impeccable.
Nor did He dare breach my trust!
Under His igloo arms, snuggled I fearlessly,
Ignoring the awry of the weather.
Days faded away, seasons altered
The perfume of blossoms, blossomed me,
It was conspicuous I saw Spring.
Comprehended I, that seasons seldom stagnate
And that for the next winter I must equip.
Circumstances begets you versatile,
Trials spawn you valiant,
Only God permeates you thro’ everything.

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