Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come back to me

I feel like battling against as a warrior,
Fighting in strife for justice.
But there lies a barrier
A wall of prejudice.
The wound of love
Is greater than the mark by a foe.
"Betrayal"--"You too Brutus?!"
You dared to slaught my heart of trust?!
Injustice and disloyalty enveloped you
As loyalty and innocence blindfolded you.
My love for you was unadulterated.
It was the purity of fraternity
And the vanity of harmony
That comprised the miscellany
of my faithful fraternity.
I hide my tears
When I tell your name
But the pain in my heart
Is still the same!
Am I to brand you--
"Those are sour grapes!"
Because I couldn't reach you?
Come back to me, wont ye?
My unadulterated fraternity.............

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Darkness O'er Her

The light of my life is dwindled,
As a candle, she is put off.
She melted herself outputting her glow;
The fluid she emitted was tears I believed
But finally twas the melting wax I conceived.
The wax from the heat of her glow
Had melted, bringing her down.
Had it not been merely the heat of the glow
But of the destructive and incorrigible one!
"For want of a nail, a shoe was lost,
For want of a shoe, a horse was lost!"
For want of enlightment, a brain was lost,
For want of brain, a soul was lost!
unwarranted agony dissolved her harmony
Superstition enveloped her literacy.
the scenario was swathed with wads of mist
Under the cloudy snow she let herself bury just.
Blind mentally, she drove astray
Envisaging yet ignoring her imminent awry.
her vehicle hit the dead end
And she lay dead in the journey of life.

This poem is written about my aunt who passed away a year ago. She died of tuberculosis, having denied to take treatment for the fear of an injection!!

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