Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come back to me

I feel like battling against as a warrior,
Fighting in strife for justice.
But there lies a barrier
A wall of prejudice.
The wound of love
Is greater than the mark by a foe.
"Betrayal"--"You too Brutus?!"
You dared to slaught my heart of trust?!
Injustice and disloyalty enveloped you
As loyalty and innocence blindfolded you.
My love for you was unadulterated.
It was the purity of fraternity
And the vanity of harmony
That comprised the miscellany
of my faithful fraternity.
I hide my tears
When I tell your name
But the pain in my heart
Is still the same!
Am I to brand you--
"Those are sour grapes!"
Because I couldn't reach you?
Come back to me, wont ye?
My unadulterated fraternity.............


  1. V.nice thoughts seems written for someone!~!
    Hope u'll like my blog too.

  2. its amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.........evrybdy has feelings bt they cant express by this wayyyyyyy.......

  3. heyyy its cool first time i red any thing like tat , n trying to understand it , hope u l help me out......

  4. wow good expressions ...brimming in emotions....soul searching.....fallen in love???

  5. Pls lady, it was written for my friend, not boyfriend. Dont dig it again.



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