Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Me Back Home!

My aesthetics have dimmed,
Into the civilization of another society
Am I driven and drifted.
From sorry, thank you and please,
To hit, ransack and run away...
From discernment,share and love
To lust,disloyalty and cheat...
In an adulterated world of falsehood
Where no righteousness nor ethics stand
Am I toppling unsteadily
With miscellaneous emotions whirling
"Get me back home!",I scream.
Once a safe home - 'school'
Never pursues to be your life long home.
Yes, the reality I do perceive.
Pushes me away, the rattling wind of time.
Dare I to walk against the wind
Which billows beckoning tempest
Inching me from determination to ambivalence.
For perseverance I pray
And never yielding I do stay.
To be a Roman in Rome
Or retain my identity in all phases?
I interrogate the light in me.
Light is to break the darkness
So is my remit to crack the trials
And come out of my shell of worry
With more insight than injury.
I wished I could get back home...

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