Thursday, April 4, 2019


Do you dare to do something? What does the word ‘dare’ being to your mind? Intimidation? Fear? Or adrenaline rush? How many times have you regretted saying or doing something? On the contrary, how many times have you regretted not doing or saying anything? Is the number of times for the latter more? Humans, right from birth focus on protecting ourselves from something by not venturing into it. If instances of sexual assaults go high – lock women indoors; if a child falls, don’t let him run ever; if you are shunned by the society, don’t interact with anyone; - these are some of the popular resultants that ensue each time that something happens such that it spawns a more fearful society. What if you dared to attack a predator; teach a child to run without falling down or getting up and running without fear and tried better means of communication than isolating yourself with fear?

To convert a daring idea into action, plunging in is the only step forward. And when you do, you will understand that the problem existed only in your imagination and that you actually end up empowered doing what fears you the most. But to do something the right way, take out a paper and make a flowchart. Write down what will happen when you don’t do something and again the consequence that you imagine when you do it. If the former ends up in a void, look at the possibilities of the latter. What you would at most end up is with losing someone or something. But what if you never tried and you anyway lost out on it by being dumb? On the other hand, when you take action and it ironically turns out positive, you will be the beneficiary. When you are so cautious about doing something and your intention is so carefully crafted, there is no way that it yields a negative result. After all what is the point of being buried fearfully in this wide earth if the purpose of life was to live? So stop fearing and get daring.


  1. Interesting ideas. Keep blogging at your convenience. A to Z participant Narayana Rao Zero-Based Productivity Management

  2. Great post! It is important to be daring. Take a risk every now and then.

    ~Operation Awesome. Our A to Z 2019 theme is the writing journey.

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