Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Part of speech: Noun 

Darkness is undermined because it is related to the evil forces. Similarly, braggadocio is detested as it refers to boastful and arrogant behaviour. Have you ever disliked something so much that you wanted to scream your lungs out but held it back because that isn’t the best civilized thing to do? Welcome to the civilized version of contempt – braggadocio. When you despise something and outright express it with your attitude and add to it dosages of class and confidence it spawns braggadocio.

From the outside, it does not get appreciated because it after all carries an air of repel and superiority. Well, who likes to crown someone who is an antonym to humility and amicability? Behind the curtains of pride is a person who has built up that attitude, with life’s experiences and uses braggadocio as his or her armour against undesirable people and circumstances. So before you judge, try tapping the truth. Probably a body language that carries attitude does not equalize to a person’s innate quality. What you see might be different from what you explore.

Braggadocio for a person could be a coat to mark those who take the effort to cross the lines of acquaintance and break the plausible glass ceiling to establish friendship with them. After all, an arrogant person is someone who knows that they are not going to be liked by others and yet sport it because they want to be esoteric.


  1. Interesting choice for a new word! Now off to practice it. Nice post.



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