Monday, April 1, 2019


It is a strong emotion of hatred. Have you ever hated someone so much that just their memory gives you a bitter taste in the tongue? Why do we carry hatred when it is clearly something that hurts? Because, not carrying also many at times hurts. Of all the things we say, the things we don’t say hurt us more. Hatred is a sign of self-esteem when expressed. It is a sign of protest for another’s misbehavior towards you. Hatred draws an armour around you and carries the signal that you aren’t someone who can be messed with. It is a sign of confidence that you can afford to have enemies and deal with them headlong. Why so much to a negative emotion? Because, it is what that balances your state of mind. There is no man who is eternally euphoric. Animosity helps you protest and fight for an injustice meted out to you. It gives you a goal to make your enemy apologise or fail and satisfies your hunger for justice. After all, only darkness can help you appreciate light. And animosity can only bring calmness, the peace after the storm. 

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