Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Does BJP Ill Treat Tamilisai Soundararajan Through Racial Discrimination?

Throw a stone into the water and it creates ripples. Throw a casteist comment and it creates politics. At a time when caste politics and politics out of caste is used as a tact to trigger sentiments of the common man for votes, even the slightest of things magnify out of proportion when misinterpreted. Add to it, the trendy netizens of today – meme creators, take the volition of driving citizens astray.

That is what conspired when a photo of BJP State President Tamilisai Soundararajan was shared on social media. Seen with the defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman and a few other caders, Tamilisai was framed in a photo, eating in a steel plate while the others from a banana leaf.

A party that is easily blamed for casteist intentions, the picture drew censure and agony from those who buttered out racial discrimination in BJP from an otherwise cordial event. The gentle waft of wind gained momentum and drew more ire as netizens chose to quickly believe the interpretation presented and shared it on various pages.

However, a quick call to the politician revealed the real picture. Breaking into laughter over the interpretation, Tamilisai outright denied of any such discrimination within the party. “The photo was taken during a visit to a house in Virudhunagar. The hosts were only informed about the minister’s arrival and did not expect many people. As it was a small place, they had not prepared for other guests and were short of banana leaves. I picked up a plate and helped myself as a friendly gesture,” she said striking out further confusion.

As elections are around the corner, even a spark escalates into forest fire. Can we use more sense into creating harmony and fight for the right causes than arousing suspicion and hatred? Caste or no caste, lets keep elections out of it and think rationally to cast votes than yielding to caste votes.

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