Monday, May 10, 2010

"Individuality" Confiscated

Flight disabled for a duck;
Deciphers eagle is superior?
Or swimming refrained for eagle
Unravels the duck's eminence?
Water analogously domiciles fish and crane
Can the crane inhabit in a fish tank?
Or can the fish switch into amphibian?
Water, an indispensable part of life!
Should we all become aquatic then??
Engineering,a mania for blind people,
Magnet for herd mentality
And an insult for individuality!
B.E=Brain Extinction or Burden Endless!
Look at me!
I ain't a cub, but a cat!
Hold it!Should I discomfit??
Cubs cant mew,I can!!
Unique by purpose, not by size
Superior by nature,not physique.
[Want proof? Dare cuddling cubs!]
Every rain drop was once invisible moisture,
My potential is mere untapped treasure.
Or give me back my wings!
Let me fly in the unobstructed air
With nose high and workaholic pleasure!
Not as a monkey with garland,
But as an oviparous crow with stick
[A paltry looking tool]
To build my majestic nest!
Put me in my residence
I need to break my reticence
Not to grumble, not to sigh,
But out of the cage to freely fly!!


  1. gr8 poem
    u r a very nice poet
    keep writing them

  2. Nice...
    Shows that you've got tons of things running in your head and this was the product of a very busy mind!!..
    Good job.. keep penning..

  3. nice poem ... check out my 1st attempt at poetry too .. its used in the story i wrote recently

  4. nice selection of words....
    keep penning down more!



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