Friday, March 5, 2010

Ain't A Born Engineer..

Semaphores and virtual machines,
Software and programming aren't in my veins.
I ain't a couch potato or a vidiot,
To discomfit I ain't a born engineer!
Era of computers might roll
Realms of bullions might IT rule
"Pen is mightier than the sword"
Nothing can neutralise the power of words!
Wordsworth's nature romance enchants me,
Potter's fantasy world enthralls me.
Born to reach out for the skies,
I'm a literature buff
With the power to innovate my world
And lead everyone into my magic land.
Oh Frost! I hadn't taken,
"The Road Not Taken".
Lost in the maze,
I scamper through the darkness.
Light at the end of every tunnel?
Oh guiding light!
Shed thy radiance to cross the hurdle
And successfully herd the cats
Engendering to triumphantly execute my remits.


  1. Label blends perfectly with the content..Expressed very well..

  2. Amazingly written ... very emotional... very personal !

  3. Loved it! Related to it so much, being a software pass-out myself, and yet opting out of it completely cos I dint want to be there... Well, I can go on and on :D

    Great post, keep writing :-)


  4. I can predict some more versions of it coming :) Now an engineer--later a IT employee might be!
    You ain't a born Engineer, but your piece majorly indicates you are a born poet.
    Amazing piece,thoughtfully picked words--liked it!


  5. first things first , u r in te wrong profession ! dnt mind, but u r a damn gud poet !...hmmm keep writing ,u wil do much better...!

  6. Brilliant! You doing BE does not mean you cannot achieve greatly in the field of literature... Look at the comments, they explain it all!!!
    All the Best Malavikka!!!



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