Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Master Breeze and Humble Grass

Are these wizards of the wavery land
Or dance from the triggered wand?
They turn implicitly towards Him;
Breaking the monotony of the day
Lost in solitude they gently sway.
Has He jinxed or hypnotized them?
That they dare not break their regime!
He wanders leisurely across the globe
Travels leisurely as long as he likes his probe.
He brings back desiderata for their food
And again glide on them as strong as his mood.
As summer, autumn, spring & winter in close,
They realize their master was rightly chose.
When Christmas presents are due
He timely brings them as dew.
When He's faced with hardships of humidity
He appeals to the heavens & settles in clouds:
To save them from scorching fiery
He runs down to earth with fury
Not empty handed, but with clouds' treasury.
He fills them to quench their thirst
And once their desiderata for food fulfilled,
He glides on them as strong as his mood.
They rustle & chortle sarcastically at his attention
Yet as GRASS humbly obey their master Breeze with passion!

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