Sunday, January 9, 2011

Every girl's love story

She lifted her head as gently as the morning flowers and shot a glistening look at the sky and said, "Tell your stars that I'm your moon." Sky still remained still. As the stars grew brighter each day, she dissolved day by day and one fine day, she was gone. Sky was still jeweled by stars and he was still happy. The next day there was a storm and the stars vanished swiftly leaving behind the empty sky. A crescent came evolving. There she stood - "moon". She stood by him all through the thunder and lightning. Climate changed, the night was warm and the twinkles were back in form. She wasn't unusual though. She was still crescent, still fragile, still white and still pure! She gently let the clouds pass through her and minutely motioned through her rotation. Her father sun, gave her light to light the dark sky eternally. She did not ask the sky again nor did he echo it around. But everyone knew the truth. Down on earth, a mother pointed out at her and said,"Darling look at the moon" and fed dhal rice into her baby's mouth.



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