Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Mom"- our family's super woman!

Leaping before looking, we fell into the deep well
Only believing that All's well that ends well.
The darkness inside, you dared at night
Scampering around and mustered all your might.
Those tireless days you did endure
And sleepless nights you spent for maneuver.
Arrows from all sides against us darted-
"Excellent! We can attack in any direction!",you said.
Although humor subtle and fear intensified,
We snuggled tight and in unison prayed.
God seldom appeared to grant weapon
But for every effort gave a lesson.
Lessons about lies and truth, life and death;
It rained ceaselessly and thundered fearfully.
The bright colors were washed away
And true colors of friends and foe exposed.
Gracious god guarded from going astray
Although could we have in the floods drowned.
You made a boat and in it we sailed,
Storm was fierce and threatened to sink.
You made a yacht and we spite the storm;
Weather was bad and waves showed high,
God was by, and anxiously we did sigh.
He seldom stopped the storm or the rain
But taught construction of boat to always reign.
Boat kept swaying and journey was scared,
Even in summer you often got seared.

Time pushed us into water & we lost the boat:
You caught a ship's hull and we caught you.
You were heavier, yet you held hard,
Your hands turning red, you still held.
One day we reached the shore
And peacefully inhaled the free air.
As a super woman who never let us drown,
You look back at the journey to make a frown.
I look at the ships and optimistically point-
"A ship is always safe at the harbor,
But that's not what its built for!!!"
Lets stoop and collect the tools and debris,
At harbor, we're assigned to build a ship,
Remember, we too can save a drowning sailor
For god's kindness are meant to share
And never forget to look before you leap!

Dedicated to my mom


  1. Super!!!!
    Hmmm!!! Family's super woman HUH!!!

    Nice pic to ur mom!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. halo
    good thoughts...
    go on...
    imagery resembles computer games scenario- a novelty (bring trend?); move on...

  4. Tooooooo Gooooood!!! :D:D:D keep up the good work:D

  5. Lovely poem. They say mothers' love is the only truly unconditional love


  6. A mother's love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever.



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