Monday, March 17, 2014

Small Is Big

The bigger the innovation and complex the implementation of a product gets, it caters only to a countable esoteric people and the brand boasts of variety while the bulk of the society is seldom benefitted with it. Regardless of how many features are available in any product, the utility of it by the customers is meagre.
Smaller the products are, the much easier it is to maintain and serve the required needs at an affordable price. But the word ‘affordable’ makes people give a sense of poorness and thus it is also necessary to create a pride in the minds of the customers who purchase the smaller products. This can be achieved by convincing people that they are worth of something creatively new that can serve their needs in the best possible way. Godrej has come up with a mini cooler named ‘Chotukool’ which can replace the traditional earthen pot and offer real coolness to the beverages. Through this, several villagers are benefitted both in terms of sale as well as lifestyle. Unsolved societal problems of today are the future business opportunities and our society is in need of a viable business model that is sustainable through structured breakthrough methods. Passionate champions with open mindset can lead this challenge at grass roots.
People always want to be unique and special, to boast of something which they have that others lack. They tend to feel happy about rare designs to claim to be the only possessor of those items. The outer design can be customized according to the needs of the customers and each Chotukool has different design patterns, which gives the customers a sense of uniqueness. This portable fridge can also be an ideal present to gift other people on their special occasions.
 Involving and engaging people to make their own creation, draws customers and make them associated with the brand. Art contests for children were held to paint on Chotukool and the best of them were not only awarded but taken as sample designs and those children were paid for their contribution which would be designed in other Chotukools that are sold. Thus, something aesthetic gains more attention and appreciation than usual marketing and trying to thrust a product on people.
A product designed to create pride in the minds of the buyers, should not cater to the needs of only a separate section but extend its usage to all classes of the society so that it is not branded “cheap” and looked down as a poor people’s property and the lower class people could look up to it as something affordable they use which the higher classes use too since the higher classes are always role models for them. “The triangle of market that caters to better products for richer and the inverse for the poor must become a trapezoid so that multi-purpose usage is made and the class divide issue is solved”, said Mr G Sunderraman, Executive Vice President - Corporate Development, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, India

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