Tuesday, April 1, 2014


“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!”, people say. When we were children, all we wanted to do is grow up and be independent. We thought that adults, who were always behind us, were actually free without anyone at their back. More importantly, an adult life meant, no homework! Adults were free to travel anywhere and do whatever they liked! As adolescence envelopes, life seems excited, the opposite sex seems interesting than ever. Slowly adulthood starts swallowing in, slapping the reality of life. Life is never as safe and secured as when it offered to be at school. Outside sanctuary, the human jungle seems vast, miscellaneous and completely new. All values that school had taught seems to go in for a toss in the rat race but that indelible divine power stays loyal to you, as you do to it and keeps you guarded from the wild.

Responsibilities lay before, the road ahead, narrow, and there is no escape around; to foot it bravely, strong or weary, being the only option left. So, why should you give up on life, when life doesn’t want to give up on you? When the going gets tough, the tough gets going and the wise decision at the epoch is to wade through the mist and spite the sun’s scorch. Yes, it makes you tanned, feel ripped, washes of your beautiful colours, but wait, that isn’t the end. You get a new colour. The sun and the rain yield a rainbow, which is a combination of all the colours called life. It is at this juncture that you realize what life is and you are called matured. But why so serious? Make the best out of your maturity, don’t have it a reason to burry the infant inside you. Treat yourself well and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Smile through the confusion and dance through the storms. Celebrate life and redefine adulthood. There is life at every epoch and all it takes is to acknowledge it and live your best!


  1. Lovely topic and a nice write up!

  2. thr z lng way to go malavikka....too early to decide abt responsibilities..... ur in 20s this the life to live most best of all u sld n can enjoy....thrz lot to thnk like this after 40s.

    nice thoughts neatly xpressed

  3. Enjoyable and thought-provoking post.

  4. I know right!? I just couldn't wait to grow up and now after growing up I am like I don't want to grow old anymore! :( This reminded me of a dialogue from my favourite show Grey's anatomy - We are all adults? When did that happen? and how do we make it stop? Nice post!! :) All the best for this challenge!

    P.S - Can you please remove the word verification? I am sure you know we are not robots. Robots don't watch Grey's anatomy! :P

  5. wow..It was damn good malavikka ..In Particular //Smile through the confusion and dance through the storms. Celebrate life and redefine adulthood.// i like dis line very much..impeccable..Long way to go malavikka :)

  6. Gayathri, sorry, feedback taken, thanks! :)

    @all thank you for the positive comments :)

  7. Truly quoted and all in their 20s/30s can relate to it.....because 40s must have forgotten the luxury of childhood ;)

  8. Such a warm write-up! "Outside sanctuary, the human jungle seems vast, miscellaneous and completely new." :)
    There is something different about age... more you walk, less you look forward and more you look backward!!!
    Truth is we are scared of problems and each stage takes a tough test, which looks easier when we pass it! Childhood studies were never easy but they look good when we look back at our success!!! :) isn't it?



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