Thursday, April 3, 2014


I’ve always admired those people who manage to pull in crowds towards them wherever they go. Have I been jealous of them? May be somewhere, but my admiration and inspiration has always succumbed. Perhaps there were some people who’ve made me wonder how such a person could gain so much importance when their character is not appealing to me. Here are the secrets:

#1 Carry an attitude that protects you. Don’t confuse attitude with arrogance, but do shield yourself with a high self-esteem.

#2 Listen and observe more than speaking. Plan your situations well before dealing a problem. Devise alternatives and use them wisely.

#3 Keep monitoring your progress. Its okay if you don’t have friends, but its not okay if you are complacent. Everyday should make a difference in your life.

#4 Most of the time you are going to spend is with yourself. So make yourself as interesting as possible! Consider your time worthwhile and develop useful hobbies. Not good at anything? That’s even better! Sign up for some music/arts/dance/yoga/writing classes and explore new areas.

#5 Don’t bend too much on anyone. Be a mirror but don’t crash when people throw stones at you. You cannot reach your destination if you keep throwing stones at every dog that barks. Keep calm and laugh at your foes, they are the losers anyway because they carry hatred and burn in it.

#6 Conquer your enemies by making them your friends. No, it doesn’t mean you should back stab them. It means that you have to sow seeds of love to eliminate weeds.

#7 Feeling small? Do something big. Help someone in need and they are going to be your loyalist forever.

#8 Forgive easily but never forget and show vigilance, lessons are meant to help you in future after all and forgiveness helps the giver and receiver to patch up things easily. That way both the sides are benefitted.

There were a lot of lovely people who’ve inspired and transformed my personality and I dedicate this post to my schoolmates Durga, Archana, Dhwani and Shobana who’ve played my first ever role modelsJ


  1. //Dnt bend too much on anyone// (y)
    "But bend over backwards for ur own success" :)
    Malavaikka u hav narrated everything in a simple way..nice
    //Not good at anything? That’s even better! Sign up for some music/arts/dance/yoga/writing classes and explore new areas.//ha ha..Someone has to take me class on the topic "How to proceed with ur hobbies nt stopping them abruptly :P " Hope i will get a solution when A-Z reaches the letter "h" :P

  2. Overall its good but i feel that it got over very soon, could have written more is what i thought when i finished reading it

  3. #5 practically vry nice n all the points r interesting #6 forgive but never forget .......person affected with soooo much of pain cannot wipe out frm thr mind.

  4. sorry finguring mistake first 1 i mentioned practically vry nice is NO.5

  5. Great post! I couldn't agree more with these points. They're good solid advice for how to live a joyful and effective life. Thanks for helping.

  6. Well said and well narrated
    mallu ! I would make use of it :-)



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