Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gender Discrimination

Blue for boys and pink for girls, we already teach them how discrimination works! Girl, start helping your mom and learn household chores, while boy, go out to play, kitchen is your forbidden territory they say. Even if a boy wears his panties at home, he is allowed while a girl wears shorts, she is ‘disciplined’ on her dressing sense. Women being weaker sex by physique, we let boys dominate them. Be it a younger or an elder brother, Indian women are dominated by them and women are taught to live under their shadow only to be called ‘good’. Having already trained men that women could be looked down upon, they are all set to execute their braggadocio in the society.

Educational institutes pave the way for perfect discrimination. A co-education restricts the interaction of boys and girls. In such an environment, when a boy and girl speak, they are either teased or accused of being in a relationship. Here ends the beginning of socialization. As a personality, people are curbed from getting evolved and comfortably the ‘stronger sex’ keeps putting down their counterpart women to establish their superiority and women are taught to be silent and hidden, not to be heard or spoken about, which accounts to their disregard while a man, no matter if he is atrocious or flirty is considered agreeable because men are by ‘default’ that way and it is not a big deal. On the other hand women need to be cautious on the way they dress, speak, move. Even when she is sexually assaulted, it is her fault. If she flirts, she is a bitch. If she is revolutionary, she is a rebel. If she chooses normal living, like her male counterparts, she is outrageous. “That girl drinks! What a blasphemy?!” someone gossips while it is absolutely normal for men to drink and smoke.

Men, you might be complacent with the way these happen. But have you ever realized how much you missed out by not interacting with your fellow female classmates? Do you realize that it made you deprived and look at every girl with a longing desire to talk and you never had any idea on their thought process that you flopped with your female colleagues during your trial to gain their good will for employment benefits that you always perceived them as villains, which actually turned the so far superiority complex into ego and inferiority in turn?

So you thought drinking was masculine. Have you ever undergone the joy of drinking with a woman? Oh ya, drinking and smoking is injurious to health. So, cigarettes know not to affect male lungs and drinks never shot up to your head to cause hang overs. Still you think you deserve the higher position because you are stronger physically? So how many of you can menstruate every single month, pain, bleed yet stay alive and normal regularly or heave for months and take the turmoil to reproduce? I hope you can clearly see the equality in our strengths now.

Women, its not okay to be stereotypical and call it a custom. Akin the right to breathe, you have the right to equality. Forget how your ancestors treated you, but you have a social responsibility to contribute to the welfare of your gender which is a part of the human race. We are good at patience, but don’t convert it into dumbness and stand up for what you know is right. There is no need for vengeance to take on superiority and become a feminist. That way, we already repeat the wrong travel. Treat men right but not superior. Count yourselves not more or less but equal.

As humans, all of us have the responsibility to make the society better and eradicate the social evils, not as an obligation but for our own good. Change the unjust practices and know that it is your duty to be the first to bring that change. Live and let live. Make the world a better place to live in and make that start by contributing to your own race. 


  1. excellent ......if ur words can reach at least one male person to think in this world tht ll b the great success n reward for the writer.

  2. Great writing ... all our cultures have colluded in this lie. It's time for a matriarchal society to rise again.

  3. Well i believe, except for the first paragraph your argument is thoroughly validated. But trust me, gender inequality is fading today. at least in urban areas. its a matter of increasing the radius of knowledge than the depth of it. Girls wear pink... it suits them... boys wear blue it compliments them that doesnt put one inferior to the other... it just differentiates... Our instituitions are changing too... opt for the one that entertains and encourages good interaction when u r a parent... drinking as such is blasphemy... its frowned upon more in case of women not because they are weaker sex, but because they are considered (and mostly, rightly so) as the purer sex...

    Cheers to an equal society... :)

  4. I do agree that pink suits girls n blue compliments boys. But it is upto them to choose what they like. I dont think it is anyway right to tell them what to choose.
    As for the purer sex, we are cloyed with purity, thank you. Its high time you share some pureness, we dont want to take all goodness to ourselves.



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