Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boy Friend

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Can a best friend become a boyfriend? To this, there are many perspectives and discrepancies.

#Perspective 1 – What justice does it do to the friendship and how will the boy perceive it when he gets to know that you have been looking at him that way? What happens to the purity of friendship then?
#Perspective 2 – There is nothing wrong and more honourable than a best friend becoming your boyfriend.
#Solution 1 – When you have a prospective interest with someone’s profile, its better not to establish yourself as a friend, rather, make your intention clear, so that pain or gain will be at the minimum when it happens right at the start.
#Solution 2 – Know him better and build the trust that ensures him that you need not measure your words nor weigh your thoughts when you speak to him and ensure you that no matter what you feel for him, he will hold your hands and never mistake you.
#Solution 3 – Have a clear distinction in your mind between boyfriend and boy friend and know the differences between friendship, crush, love and lust and make your filtration right away. (Friend zoning helps!) Yes, you cannot plan love, but just in case, to be on the safer side, you can plan prospective love such that if it turns positive, you would not regret and if it turns negative, you would not worry. I know that this is a tricky statement that is debatable, but if you don’t want to lose yourself, better be guarded and hold your senses right to control who you will enjoy falling for and yet feel safe enough.

In the end, whichever choice you make must make you happy! Brain directs, heart scampers but a perfect balance between them and a good conscience helps. Just be good to that little fellow who plays to be your conscience and he will be your lucky angel and take you to your Prince Charm! Wishing Happy relationships to all readers! 



  1. wowwww chances less. well described

  2. //Have a clear distinction in your mind between boyfriend and boy friend // (y) malavikka well explained :)

  3. You cant set rules. The mind is amazingly dynamic. At one time you might look at someone as purely a friend, at another time you might feel some degree of attraction, on a third ocassion you might feel a more intimate connection, and then finally settle on friendship again.

    It's all in the head I guess

    Nice post. Enjoyed reading and commenting.

    Updated mine. Do drop by.


    1. That is summarized in the last para though n yeah will drop by! Long time! Good to b back with our follows, thanks for dropping in :-)

  4. Nice post. As someone who did fall in love with her best friend, your final picture is very apt :) It does feel pretty great. Looking forward to the rest of your A - Z.

  5. so far u ve not fallen in luv with anyone malavikka........if tht accident happens thn all these rules, regulations, very clear thoughts, principles ll b off....after effect u ll experience nu perspective of careful

  6. That's a nice description. We had this talk sometime back in TamBrahm nah?

  7. Sometime back? We have this many times but ends up bringing speculations that it is about someone than grasping the point :P

  8. I asked my best friend out, he freaked out! But we are still friends. Nice post :)

  9. Hehe!!! Nice write up on being "friend-zoned" :) I agree with CRD here!!!



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