Friday, April 4, 2014


Dream is magical. Your heart’s innermost desires find a way to vent and you live it for the spell. What is it to live your dreams? To keep sleeping and imagining? May be, it is one way. But have you ever experienced the queer power of your dreams that make it happen in reality? It is more connected to your soul and it takes you along in life’s journey. Your health, happiness and prosperity depend on what you put into your sub-conscience. I sleep talk and walk since my childhood and at a point I thought I needed help to come out of it. I sought a psychologist who found its reason to be stress. But I was willing to undergo the stress for future benefits (I mean the academic pressure).

Some people say that you have to dare to dream big. But it is always snugly to remain in dreamland about being everything you are not at the moment and possessing all that you like to, be it love, money or whatever. The question here is if you are actually willing to make it come true or complacent with the thoughts alone. If the answer is former, break your goals into smaller check points. The path you are travelling might be deviated from the one you should be going but make sure that your destiny is only in the parallel road where you can cut at any juncture and join rather than a diagonally opposite direction. Dream higher, but don’t forget to hook the anchor at a point such that u can cling on to the rope and make attempts to draw yourself closer to it.

Dreams are enchanting, but it is necessary to know the clear distinction between what you can dream and what it is like in real life. Everybody dreams of a perfect prince while in reality nobody is perfect because humans symbolise imperfection. But nobody can stop you from dreaming of such a prince, in a land where you are the master of your thoughts. Dwell in positive and happy dreams but wake up to reality to hold your senses and minimize expectations to avoid disappointment. Dream bigger, aim higher, work not just harder but smarter by devising new methods to replace those that don’t work and you will soon find yourself on your way to glory, just the way you dreamt!


  1. Brilliant ya :) Way to go :)

  2. simply superb .......absolutely true.... i too ve experienced little little

  3. This is one of the most interesting topics for me and you explained it so well...btw I too have a theory about dreams..that's a different thing that I never took pain to prove that ;)

    And tagged u in my post today..don't forget to read!!

  4. Dreams are always a very interesting subject.. Interpretation of dreams and tracing the roots of dreams is one very exciting activity ..

    GS at Moontime Tunes

  5. That was well said. :) I like to dream but I'm also very aware of reality. My parents taught me that making a dream come true takes a lot of hard work.



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