Saturday, April 5, 2014


"Are you an engineer?" someone asks. "Nooo! Im a journalist!" I scream as though my decibel would silence my dreadful past and convince of myself not being associated with it. It might be a profession that fetches good money but in reality how many engineers are happy? How many in fact are eligible engineers? Recently, when I was talking to a friend about my apprehension with employment, his reply was “Imagine how many unemployed engineers are but you at least have something to do” and that hit my ego and I immediately reacted, “Im not just a product of a dumb engineering college! I have an excellent brand name of my PG college and eligible skills in me for what I aspire.”
There are thousands of engineering colleges in India which offers a range of courses but hardly 10% of them actually have proper faculty, infrastructure and management to train the students and give them a worthy education. So whenever I’m associated with being an engineering graduate I hang down my face in shame and fight the embarrassment whenever I’m asked to tell my college name.
It is not just that. It is the excruciating pain I underwent in my college days due to worst management and its bringing of students that engineering according to me has a definition that is equal to rubbish and pain. But that is not just my definition. There are lakhs of graduates who have hardly some theoretical information mugged up and end up unemployed or going for BPO or a low salary job and I have nil respect for the profession except for the rare ones who have the real passion and flair for it.
I did stories on newspapers about the bad conditions of engineering colleges but all of them wanted a generalized perspective than bringing up a specified list because most colleges are owned by politicians and rogues and that would affect the writer and editor. I don’t have a solution to this. But definitely people are blindly crazy to sign up for the course shedding their blood and money assuming that everybody who does the course is going to earn a fortune but end up with a lot of burden.

The only solution to this problem is don’t choose something because it fetches money because it wont unless you have the flair for it. Each one has a different purpose in life and are designed for a greater good. Don’t try to imitate the herd and blame yourself for not able to climb up a tree when you are a fish with the ability to swim.


  1. I felt i am reading my story..Truly said :)

  2. i ve no words to comment abt the fact.........stunned abt the inner emotions brought out in a dignified anger.......after understanding the hardship engineers r facing....but still i feel great and proud of u malavikka u successfully cleared all the papers in time with creditably

  3. I understand only to well. Nice to connect and follow on

  4. How sad that you need to be embarrassed of your qualification.



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