Tuesday, April 26, 2016


In India, we don't practice anything unless we are threatened to be punished. Like the famous line goes, here you can piss in public but cannot kiss in public. That's how we try to project our culture. While an Indian who goes to a foreign nation with stringent laws is all praise for the country’s discipline, the same guy doesn't follow the rules in his own country. So what's the big deal about following rules?

Your character is well defined more by your choices than your abilities. To be a good citizen takes minimum effort and by doing it, you only better your own life. The Election Commission in Tamilnadu has spent over 7 crore rupees for voters awareness campaigns. Are citizens not really aware or act like sleeping?

We have been acting like sleeping already in the issue of global warming. If we don't choose our leaders right, it plainly means we are digging our own grave. Even if it is Nota(An option to vote for none) that is the only thing that you feel like opting, get out of your couch and vote. Freedom without responsibility is like a child without oversight. As we enjoy a democracy, we are entitled to exercise our duty too. May 16 is the D-day. Are you ready to vote?


  1. im missing my dad when i read this i really feel....coz hez the right person to feel proud of ur righting talent and njoy reading this.....sorry malavikka there r many things ur missing about ur grand dad

  2. Same pinch again!
    Shakthiman image adds beauty to ur wonderful write up!



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