Sunday, April 10, 2016


Few people who have been the heroes in my life. No matter how they turned out in my life, these people will be remembered for different aspects

1. My schoolmate Dhwani - Her stage presentation and confidence were inspiring and helped me act confidently in most places

2 .  My internship boss Sam Daniel - I had made a blunder by making a subtle remark about something sensitive on social media and it reached the head office of the TV channel he worked for. I got a call from the channel's legal department and was warned about it. But Sam didn't ask me a word about it till date and saved my head without even making a fuss about it.

3.My former colleagues Jackson and Senthil - They showed real team spirit during the early days of my career. Jackson even spoke for me in our tough times when I had not voiced for myself even. Senthil fortified me each time when the going got tough. We had a natural friendship.

4.My school friend Archana - I learnt from her that being a topper in studies wasn't a mandate to make friends.

5. My former school Principal Sharadha Balasubramaniam - She was an example of how humility and amiability with students can be the traits of someone at a Principal status. She took pains to explain me the reasons for the rules that she formulated in her tenure even though there was no necessity for that. Although we are not in touch, I pray that she stays blessed.

6. My school English teacher Rebecca Victor -  She gave me the freedom to voice my views fearlessly in her classes. I was also encouraged to learn new words probably to use it in those classes!


  1. It's good to find the heroes in our real lives. These are the best heroes for us to emulate.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. very nice n i salute sam daniel for his pleasant mannerism to his subordinate....

    what about ur childhood inspiration vijay? do u remember i think when u went to sub exhibition ........???

  3. Remembering our real life heroes is a great feeling.



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