Saturday, April 9, 2016



I am grateful for so many things in my life. I would like to list out how grateful I am to some of the people from who I dont have expectations:

1. The traffic Police
Traffic police are one lot of soldiers who do a great deal of thankless job. They work 7 days a week without break. They look rustic but are in real very friendly and approachable. Each time I want to get an auto that plies with meter, I reach out to the nearest traffic police. Every single one of them have taken special care to ensure that this is done. Once, a traffic police even introduced me to an auto as his kin and requested the auto man to get me home safe with meter rate.

2.My Gynaecologist
Dr Bhooma must be in her early sixties. She speaks to me like her own daughter. Once she even went to the extent of not getting any fees at all for me after a consultation. I insisted on a suggestion to give free service to some other poor and deserving person but she refused taking a penny from me.

3. Trees

I have hardly planted a tree or two in my life. But in fierce summer, a lot of trees dot the road and shelter me. The shade is an elixir to a traveller during hot summer noon. Especially in April copper pods bloom in plenty and make a visual treat. I cannot thank them enough for sharing themselves with everyone. They exemplify that the greatest beauty is felt only when shared.

4.My colleague
 My colleague Chitra supplies hand wash to the office free of cost. No, she is not from the house keeping. She is the Associate Editor of our newspaper. But she provides this to ensure hygiene for all of us. Her lending ears and discerning attitude leaves no person unturned in the office that makes her absence felt immensely when she is on leave. We fondly call her 'mommy' because every hour we spend here we keep looking for her to share our views.


  1. i cannot thank them enough for sharing themselves with everyone.......woww beautiful lines

    xactly rt thr r many things in life around us gift from nature.....sameway v cannot thank them r in turn to do the best to them.

    simply great to hear abt chitra ur colleague

  2. good selection of word - gratitude. But I think she is exaggerating about me. Thanks all the same. Very sweet of you.

  3. To thank people and things around you for what they mean to you is indeed a nice and noble idea. It reflects a warm heart and sensitive mind. Well done :)

  4. In this world, where people don't even bother to acknowledge the timely help they receive, you are one in a million who have a big heart to appreciate small acts like this. I am very proud of you. Keep writing.



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