Monday, April 4, 2016



Comfort is that state when you are as immersed as gulab jamun in a jeera like state of affair. It sounds delicious like the jamun and luxurious like it's texture. But do you remember that jamun is a perishable item and needs to be eaten within a span of time?

Same is life. If you stay in your comfort zone and do not attempt to move out, you would either be forced to move or perish. But coming out of it isn't as heartening as staying inside. What should one do to undergo transition?

Start different things, the fun way. In comfort zone it is easier to experiment small things than falling into the sea and learning to swim. For instance, if you have been spending your leisure reading Facebook jokes, may be you can spend a part of that time in reading books or newspapers. If you've been walking everyday to exercise, take the extra effort to experiment yoga or Zumba. After all, you will be benefitted because of this.

Remember, it is not always comfortable to stay in the comfort zone because some day when the storm howls and you are thrown into the ocean, it is easier to grapple if you already know swimming than fighting for life and learning it the hard way. When you are gifted with comfort, it is only the span to equip yourself for tough times in life’s circle. Make use of it and come out successful. 

What is your comfort and how are you going to make use of it? Tell me about it.


  1. So many of you have chosen C for comfort. It is nice to read how comfort is perceived by others.

  2. So many of you have chosen C for comfort. It is nice to read how comfort is perceived by others.

  3. Good to see you blogging again. I love the sweet dish...

    I am blogging about positive psychology and self help tips. Do drop and share:

  4. I tend to rub many people the wrong way because I love to push people out of their comfort zones. It's not always appreciated.

    Gulab jamun was my first exposure to Indian food. I can't get enough of it.

  5. comfortable, comfort zone, luxuriness etc...ants r tend to move for whole of the life some pple may b ...but once ur fate drag u to no one can stop....even if others try to help nothing will reach...................if a cat has 9 lives by nature so without any reason automatically by the nature of force it ll try for survival ...what u say is right malavikka n i feel its applicable only for the people who r very lazy and blamming others for whatever happens in life........................i feel some lines r applicable to me nevertheless i ll try to push myself.



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