Thursday, April 7, 2016


Fear is that feeling when I cling on so tight to my husband's shoulder
while he speeds past traffic during peak office hours in the damaged
Chennai roads. I pray to god to be merciful and spare our lives for
one more day. 'God, forgive him for his gutsy drive. Forgive him if
he's taken the wrong turn or decision in driving. Just save us today!'
I murmur.
By the time my feeble voice travels upwards heaven and the answer
transmits back, my husband halts the bike in front of my multistorey
office. 'Good job man! We are alive!' I say letting out a sigh of
relief. I then queue my second prayer wishing Sundar reaches his
office safely too. Off ignites his engine and he zooms out of sight in
a giffy.

Rushing to the biometrics to record my attendance, I hurry as I am
already half an hour late. Situated on the 6th floor is my department.
I usually prefer the stairs to the lift because most of the days I am
fitness conscious. The rest of the days when I choose the lift, the
carrier decides to go conky and gets me locked inside for frightful
period of time.

Fear is getting stuck in the lift and trembling that it should not be
the end of your life. When in a crowd it is suffocating to stay inside
for long hours and if Im alone, alas, there is nobody for company to
act in a tough situation. Once, I tried to pacify myself and reached
for the alarm button when the lift stopped mid way. To my misfortune,
I had pressed the lights button instead and it was put out. In another
instance, we were a group of six and the current had gone. We were
reaching out by banging the door and trying hard to breathe.
Moments later, the security guard aided to our calling and we came out
alive from a testing incident. Phew! I perspire mostly out of fear
than the sultry weather and take the stairs without looking back at
the lift.

Fear is getting a memo from your boss for being late and scurrying
within your bounds for reasons to give him for the default. I try to
act confident and nod my head for his advice to inform him in prior in
case of late arrival and throw myself on the rotating chair and put on
the switch of my computer.

Fear is having an unreliable computer that is often menacing and
threatens to shut down when you have a list of work to do for the day.
I juggle in between the available systems and haste with the day's

Fear is dozing off in the middle of work after having a tiring
morning. I take a stroll round the corridor and return to cope up with
the rest of the day.

The real fear however is running away from the tasks and not facing
it. After wading through a series of incidents at day, I get ready for
the next challenge with the same fear but each day, a little lesser as
I learn how to handle my fears.
What is your biggest fear and are you ready to face it? 


  1. You should work in Prince Infopark in Ambattur Chennai. The lift gets struck daily, now it has become a day to day occurrence and no one flinches their eyelid.

    1. I don't think there is much of a difference in my office rather. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. my biggest fear is to live a not ready to face it .......but still i got to

    1. You will not overcome it until you work for what you want and face it.

  3. President Franklin Roosevelt famously asserted, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

    I think he was right: Fear of fear probably causes more problems in our lives than fear itself.
    Fear and its companion emotions as basically information, we can think about them consciously. And the more clearly and calmly we can articulate the origins of the fear, the less our fears will frighten us and control us.

  4. That picture is too good!
    My biggest fear is to sustain the relationship with people.

  5. sustain the relationship with people means people should b in our equal wavelength vishnu

  6. Did that all happen in one day? Crazy! Good word about conquering your fears and just getting on with the business of life.



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