Sunday, April 24, 2016


This is a deep line from the movie Kung Fu Panda that I digested drinking in the beauty of its meaning. It says, ‘The more you take, the less you have.’ Not many have realised the depth of what it means. Most of us want more and are never satisfied in life. We seek more riches, more space, more luxury but at the end of it, we have only less. The typical example for this is the scorching heat that Tamilnadu, India faces during this peak summer. 
Every year, the intensity of this heat increases at an alarming rate. And the cause for this? We wanted more space, farmlands were converted into real estate. We took away more trees. We bought more vehicles so that we could travel luxuriously. The core interest of everything was to have a comfortable life. Conversely, we are suffering from the consequence of having taken more and having less of what we actually need. 

This applies to every single thing in life. When you take something, you stand at the weak receiving end. But when you give something, you stand at the strong circumstance of being the beneficiary of it in some way or the other. You don't need to be a millionaire to give. It just takes a good heart to keep a bowl of water for thirsty birds in summer. Even if you contribute Rs 1 for a noble cause, you become a rich person than many others.

Take less, give more and you will naturally receive more!


  1. Such a memorable quote:

    "The more you take, the less you have."

    So true!

    Thanks for stopping by at Kicking MS to the Curb - and happy A to Z.

  2. Nice quote and nice interpretation. If everyone start thinking in these line world will become a beautiful place to live.



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