Friday, April 22, 2016

Sleepy head

The emotion currently associated with me with S as the starting letter is sleep. I am sleepy. I am struggling with this disorder for a long time now. Sleep merely indicates boredom or the lack of excitement in life. Of late my husband and I are suffering from this problem in the morning. We wake up with a grumpiness, reluctant to get out of bed. I, in particular ruin my morning by waking late and a feeling of gloom envelopes with a boring start.
The same happens every time I feel bored and each time I
fall asleep. How can we eradicate boredom and thus avoid sleepiness?

The first aid to sleep is sprinkling water on the eyes and taking a walk down the corridor. Next, you need to replace sleep with excitement. What are the methods to trigger excitement? Here are 10 ways.

1. When at home, jump and dance in the morning. May be tap to the numbers of your favourite songs, it does a world of good.

2.Smile wide and break into laughter.

3. Skim through the newspaper. It not only makes you knowledgeable but also gives you a distraction from your empiness.

4.Plan your agenda for the day. This helps in filling the possible empty spaces where you might fall bored (asleep) and make you think and do what excites you.

5.Some ideas for exciting gap fillers:
 *Draw with an image in mind. Take along colours and color it too.
 *Get out of the couch and travel more. If your job involves sitting in one place for long hours, take a stroll around once in a while and take time to feel nature and things around you.
*Listen to songs and memorise the lyrics.
*Attempt a different way to your usual work. For instance if you've been using MS Excel for calculations, try to search for a new software or any other way to do your work more efficiently. Keep bringing innovation in your job every day.

6. Go home, relax and do your favourite exercise.

7.Repeat step 5 or create a new hobby like learning something new.

8. Write down the negativities of the day and make ways to eliminate it the next day.

9. Put all your worries aside and breathe deep. Smile, and say to yourself that tomorrow is going to be wonderful and you will be instrumental in making it happen.

10. Have a good night's sleep


  1. for me once i start reading book for my exams i will get deep sleep in a fraction of second.

  2. Best way to get rid of sleepiness and to be brisk is to go for a walk in the early morning or do yoga or meditation..Entire day will be brisk

  3. I love that you didn't mention coffee once! I often hear friends say they need coffee, but I think what they really need is sleep or excitement. Coffee doesn't seem like a very healthy solution.



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