Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Some tips for a good personality

*Connect the expression of your eyes with your smile. Your eyes should smile when the lips does. It expresses confidence.

*Listen and observe before your open up. When in a new place and you are dying to make friends, do the formal greetings but wait before you take up responsibilities or express your opinion. Observe what each person expresses, even the unsaid words.

*Make your handshake firm, it matters what your bodily contact expresses.

*When you speak, keep your voice audible and yet not to loud or low so that you come across as elegant and courteous.

* Read the newspaper and learn new words everyday. It not only makes you knowledgeable but gives you fodder for conversation.


  1. Good advice for making a good impression. My post is up http://atcad.blogspot.com/2016/04/pretty-atozchallenge.html

  2. way to success in an interview...thnx malavikka

  3. Good tips. I would add - be interested in the people around you, be open to their interests - and be a good listener.



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