Monday, April 18, 2016


What do you find when you look beside? The perspective to the answer to this, depends on the person's observation capacity. The concept of looking into the nuances, is what Sherlock Holmes first taught me. But I was way to young or rather unrefined to practise it in life. Helen Keller taught me that blindness can make one realise the beauty of every single thing that you see and that I had to register in my mind almost anything that I saw. But it all went into one ear and came out through the other and I didnt feel for long, the necessity to observe

Ten years ago, I did not even remember the route to and fro home and school. Everyday my father used to take me in his two-wheeler but I was so ignorant that I didn't care to notice much. Only when I had to be on my own, I took the bus and learnt the names of few places. Necessity is the mother of innovation. The same necessity taught me how to observe and made me a wise person.

It was when I took journalism as my career that I learnt how to look beyond a normal eye. I had to come up with story ideas everyday that anything and everything could be made into a story, if only I had eyes for news. I learnt to observe. Observation made me clever and stronger. I could feel how I transformed, at once I started observing. I felt more intelligent and the satisfaction of writing it into a meaningful news was overwhelming. Today, observation has become my duty but its more than just that, it has made a difference to my personality too.

Can you say how many switches are there in your switch board or how many stairs are there in your house or even the number of bangles that the women in your family wear? Start observing today, and you will be amazed by the kind of positive difference it makes to you.

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