Monday, April 25, 2016


The word ubiquitous means present everywhere. Often times one would have heard religious priests preaching that God is ubiquitous. But the same people do idol worship and emphasize on the fact that the idol is God and rituals to it go straight to heaven. On special occasions or festivals countless number of devotees throng temples to compete against others to prove their devotion and some merely come to get the most effective blessing as given on a D-day.
Although to an extent I agree the fact that the chanting and prayers of many people gathered at a time can have a calming effect, I feel that I am far more closer to God than what the physical distance speaks. To me, goodness is God and he rewards those who are good. Donating food for the hungry is equivalent to getting flowers for God. In fact, the concept of buying flowers itself is to help the poor people generate some income by selling flowers.

God is ubiquitous and he rewards us for our karma or deeds. If you are bad, he teaches a good lesson. If you are good, he gives back to you manifold. He lives in our deeds and stays in good hearts. Although visits to temple might strengthen one’s faith and give the satisfaction of having seen his form, like Swami Vivekananda rightly put, Devotion and salvation is meaningless without service to humanity. God can see you when you wrong-do. He is ubiquitous. God can also reward for your right actions. So embrace humanity and be the beneficiary of God’s ubiquity.


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  2. excellent......."goodness is God and he rewards those who are good".......... i wish every person in this universe realize ll b very beautiful.



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