Wednesday, April 13, 2016


If you don't want to have cob webs, kill the spider.

Most of the time, when a problem occurs, we try to directly jump at it without killing the source it originates from. For example, fever is the outcome of some other problem in the body and it can be anything from cold to viral infection. Paracetamol only controls the temperature whereas antibiotic kills the bacteria.
Similarly, whenever we are faced with challenges in life, it is important to kill the cause of it. A friend of mine had a love failure. The guy had insulted her and another girl who was interested in the guy had bitched about my friend. The guy had regularly sought money from my friend, cashed in her innocence and later alleged her of trying to buy his love with money. 

The problem here is the girl’s failure in attaining him but the source of it was her trust. Only if she killed that trust, could she understand his real character and logically solve the issue. Killing of trust most of the times comes with the penalty of pain but however unroots the problem and heals you faster. 

Kill and let live. 


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  2. Killing something, gives you some other better thing.
    Great motivation:)

  3. so far i heard 'live n let live' this new formula 'kill n let live' malavikka.........good

  4. Nice Post! I feel sad for your friend. The trust will fade away, it is a matter of time she will be disenchanted by the charms of the guy and realize that he is not really worth her care.
    Young-adults-ish relations are such... there is an inexperience with people and the likelihood of placing trust in the untrustworthy is high.
    Best Wishes to you and your friend. :)

  5. Straight to the point! Couldn't have put it any better. Nice piece 👍

  6. That guy really sounds like a jerk! Poor girl. We need to know what to kill and when.



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