Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So this is my first post in #AtoZChallenge this year. With all your support hope I make it till the end! Cheers to all participants!

It was yet another time of my life when I was impressed with someone in random. Im Samyuktha. People call me Samy. He calls me Sam. Lets call him A (known by his first letter). I did not fall for him but liked his profile. I did not want him to reciprocate it either. But giving the benefit of trying, I asked him out. He responded courteously that his passion was more oriented with his profession at this epoch. I was not disappointed because I didn’t expect. However, in a curiosity to know this person, I fixed up our meet at a temple. Even though I was anxious about the usual type of men shying off in first meets, I was up for an introduction no matter how my opponent behaved. Fortunately, A was a confident and even better, a friendly man, willing to respect a woman for what she is.

After our formal greetings with each other and my home deity at the temple, we caught up for coffee late in the evening. We walked some distance and he pointed out at a secluded restaurant in dim lighting. Although he appeared decent, I knew that my first encounter with a stranger should be cautious. After all I’ve been to more places all by myself as a journalist and I was certain that I could handle being alone with him.

We preferred a table in the open and ignited our conversation with details about family. He commented about a girl inside the restaurant pointing at her as an aunty. Looking at that direction, I saw her facing with her back at us. As it was dark outside, mosquitoes would not let us alone and he ushered me inside. Moving into another seat, I saw that the so-called aunty being accompanied by another woman. Suddenly, she waved at me. Soon I recognized that she was my school mate. What a floppy date, I regretted. (Although the meet was disregarded as date on consensus between us!)

As I went closer to her, she was kind enough to alert me that the whole school gang was going to be there and that I could avoid embarrassment. Getting the hint, I urged him out and as we did, my school mates were sorry for that. My friend let out a formal apology that she hoped that it wasn’t them that we left, which became a subject of mockery later in conversation between me and A.

This meet gave us a ticket for friendship and gradually we met once in a while within the short span of time he stayed here. (He was due to return to USA in a month) As a matured guy, he was cautious not to fall nor let me fall in a trap of relationship and made his intent clear as not more than a kind acquaintance turning friend. Incidentally, his birthday fell in the same month and we met for dinner the next day. For someone who has been so kind to me, I thought he deserved some appreciation but was worried that my gifts would not match his kind of expensive goods. I resorted to a hand made birthday card that would contain the efforts put in to the amount of respect and gratitude I wanted to reflect back. And yet, I thought there was a special touch missing and it was only hours left before our dinner and I had to find out a nearby store to get something that was worth my special friend.

I tried my best but could not find one and finally gave up. A was on time for dinner and we drove aimlessly to spot a good restaurant nearby. My eyes navigated to one of the restaurants on my bucket list as we drove past the road. As soon as I suggested the place, the gentleman agreed and we ventured into it. He seemed to have a taste just as inverse as mine. However, the food there was good enough to consume. Against my dislike for pizza, I shared two pieces since it had an edibly thin base. As A and I conversed about our recent and past happenings, I handed out my card. He seemed to be okay with it and yet I knew that I had not given back my gratitude in full. On.our way back, I confessed about it and he opined the same as I did claiming that he had everything that he needed and this was the perfect gift. Some people might not be the missing piece of your life's puzzle but however their presence makes a difference at some point of life. A was one such boon to me. Even if he leaves India, he would be regarded as the special person who made me feel happy with his presence.


  1. Some people are special and just their presence in our life seems like a blessing. Good start to the challenge :)

  2. Beautiful akka... ^_^ brilliant writing :) (y)

  3. Nicely put ! Gr8 going.. Cud have been a lil lengthy :D kora solala na enagaluku tookam varadhu ��������

  4. Thank you so much Mani :)

    And Keshav, ne solalam macha, thappu ila :D

  5. Its certainly an impressive story, so good start with A...hope you are still in touch with Mr. A ;)

    And all the best with challenge!!

  6. Gripping, good start!
    I can connect so well with the special touch point made by you on the post.
    Is this going to be a series through the entire challenge or just a stand alone narration. Whichever it is, looks promising to me.
    Good luck for the challenge.

    1. Thank you Shinne :) This is just a stand alone, a striking topic that was running on my mind for the letter A.

  7. I enjoyed meeting Mr A. Great start. The title drew me in and I like how we were able to learn a lot about you through your encounter. Remember my A verse for today. You can ask my God for more divine encounters. Blessings to you!

  8. I enjoyed meeting Mr A. Great start. The title drew me in and I like how we were able to learn a lot about you through your encounter. Remember my A verse for today. You can ask my God for more divine encounters. Blessings to you!

  9. This is such a perfect start and it seems like a real story, something that I am sure many have gone through. Thanks for this one.



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