Tuesday, April 7, 2015


While mother’s day is celebrated with great reverence, only few even remember when father’s day is. So is the placement of a father’s role in our lives. The recent Myplan Airtel ad got me irked due to the message it conveyed. It drives people to coax their father for monetary benefits. Does that mean that poor fathers do not deserve love? This is just one example of the wrong notion and undervalue that the society gives for fathers.

It is also agreeable that fathers are not as intelligent as mothers. Often times, they do not even know the pulse of the children. But, because of that, his role in life is ignored, no matter how much he works hard to stay glued to the family.

Here are some of the good things that fathers of adults do get converse results:
  • Tries to be kind but ends up getting bossed upon.
  • Tries to teach what is right but ends up being a boring old school fellow.
  • Tries to buy his favourite eatables for family but ends up being branded as forcing his like on others. 
  • Requests for things but ends up with denial. 

However positive the actions intend to be, it ends up giving the converse results because fathers are as selfless as mothers that they don’t even bother about their value in the family which is conveniently ignored. So next time, you find you dad annoying you, take a deep breathe and smile at him. He would at least feel relieved at your friendly gesture. Treat him with the same love that you give your mother and you will feel even better. Last but not the least, don’t miss out the father’s day that falls on June 3rd Sunday!          



  1. So true Malavika! We often take dad and his love for granted but when we really stop and give it a thought, we will realize how wrong it is to compare a mother's and a father's love and then judge the other!

    Read my post - Few Things Left Unsaid

  2. Wow! This is a great post Malvika and I agree that people ignore how much fathers do for children. By the way, I always remember that Fathers' Day falls on 3rd Sunday of June and I hate that airtel ad :) :) Great post!!

  3. That is so true....father's day is so under-rated; though I give ladies at my home a break during Women's day, mother's day, birthdays and sometimes Sundays :P

    Recently we got to know that there's Men's day as well and I pulled my wife's leg for why she didn't wish me :D

    I too wrote a poem on father and here's where u can read it -

  4. Awwww - Happy Father's Day every day to you sir! You'll be happy to know that Father's Day at our house is a Big Deal - no- it's a HUGE deal. I have two sons that think their dad hangs the moon (they are 29 years old and 23 years old). The father-son relationship only gets closer as time moves on - hang in there! Visiting from: http://www.door2lore.com/power-of-story-blog/

  5. The over-glorification of motherhood has really put fatherhood behind the curtains.
    Parenthood should be celebrated !

  6. So true, the off the stage care and love of a father is mostly taken for granted. Great thought.

  7. Here's to celebration of fathers - they deserve it - just as mums do:-) In Europe both fathers day and mother's day are celebrated big time, but often I think great for the shops that can sell.... We should tell our parents every day how much we love them. Lovely post:-)

  8. I agree that my dad can be very annoying at times, but without a doubt he is always there when I need him. I hope he know how much I appreciate him, I'll make sure I let him know. lovely post, thanks for sharing
    martine@ silencing the bell

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  10. Nice.. happy to know the love, respect and affection you have for father..



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