Saturday, April 4, 2015


There is this joy of giving on one side and the pain of giving on the other side. What is it to give away your happiness to someone else? Noble? What does one gain from being noble? Is anyone going to award you a noble prize? Most of the times we think we are being noble and sacrifice our happiness for someone else. It doesn’t stop there. As humans, we expect it back.


We want others to sacrifice for us just the way we did. But reality slaps. It does not happen the way you think that it would. So, if you choose your happiness over another’s, is it called selfishness? It certainly is not. Some people always think about others and empathize. It is surely a good quality. At the same time it is important to not forget the person in you. She needs an equal importance too. You cannot pluck away happiness from one person and give it to another. Giving must be done joyfully. If it isn’t joyous, then, you did not choose it right.

You cannot give until it hurts the receiver, you can only give as long as it doesn’t hurt you, for, hurting yourself is equally a sin as much as hurting another person. Like Shakespeare said, be it the quality of mercy or giving anything, it has to be twice blest, blessing the giver and the receiver. When you have less expectations and give as long as it does not hurt, you will lead a happy life. If you give until it hurts the receiver, you may attain salvation in heaven. But, the purpose of your presence on earth is to be happy here and make others happy. Do not sin hurting yourself and anyone else. Thus, you will automatically attain salvation wherever you are.

Having said that, we all enjoy the kindness of people and things around us. So whenever you can, do reflect it back. When you cannot, its still okay. First make yourself happy and then spread the joy!


  1. Giving must be done joyfully - very well said. Doing great on the challenge so far...keep going!



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