Thursday, April 2, 2015


The word birthday by itself sends through me a shudder of excitement. Birthdays are special because it is an occasion of celebration to be crowned and crown your special ones. But as time passes by the occasion seems to lose momentum about its specialty. Why? Because, celebrations have started to pick pace on selfish motive. Being selfish is not as bad as wanting to harm someone. Often times we sow, to reap the harvest for ourselves. So are birthdays too. We make someone feel special that day, hoping that it would be reciprocated on our day. I’ve always envied the people who celebrate grand birthdays, not by themselves but with surprises from their loved ones. I’ve always longed for at least one such birthday but never had such a time although I used to celebrate many of my friends’ birthdays. Why does this happen? Because:

  • People do not think the way you do. Not everyone gives back what they get and vice versa. In fact if you introspect, you would not have on discretion reflected the love of many people.
  • You cannot buy friendship, you have to earn it. 
If you genuinely want to care for a person, show it to them from the heart, if they don’t reflect it back, you might also realize that you have to hold it until your worth is recognized. Over time, I have also realized that friendship cannot be planned, and the ones planned will not last. There are even arranged marriages but there is no arranged friendship. Birthdays are not occasions to expect. It is a day to be happy about and personally wish someone from the heart rather than materials. I’ve done crazy things for people on their birthdays.

Even when some refused any such plans, I thrust gifts and love but over time, I learnt to respect people’s preferences and refrained when they said no to gifts and celebrations. Now, I feel content that I would not expect anything from anybody for my next birthday because people who will celebrate you will love you for what you are and not what you give. Being unique, not everyone in life might fulfill your expectations but when someone becomes close to you, give them their space and time. After all, the best gift you could give someone is your time. Happy unbirthday to all of you ;) Celebrate everyday with love!


  1. You cannot buy friendship, you have to earn it.
    same applicable to relationship also

    friendship cannot be planned, and the ones planned will not last

    exactly ur rite

    birthday celebrations and receiving gifts doesn't mean they have love on us ........

    industrialist birthday merely business purpose
    politicians birthday purely advertisement
    celebrities birthday only to be in limelight always

    like wise there r many aspects involved in celebrating birthdays.....

    real and birthday celebration is celebrating with downtrodden people either older r orphanages ...........ur heart ll b pure and feel happy not only on that day every time throughout ur live span

    beautifully carved about birthday malavikka with new angle of dimension.........

    ur merry unbirthday wish i personally feel happy .......thnx malavikka

  2. Thank you for your elaborate comment :)

  3. Its true Malavikka....nice one on Birthday..
    Infact this birthday, I told my family not to plan a surprise cake at 12:00 AM at night...because it wasn't surprise anymore :P

    Instead they planned it very well next day...keep going with challenge...I am still trying to figure out B :(

    1. I certainly hope you got a good topic to write :) N atleast u get to enjoy surprises, every bday, lucky you!

  4. I love the Unbirthday scene from Alice in Wonderland!

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

  5. Malavikka, beautifully said and what matters is giving someone your time. The perfect budday gift.
    Btw, I like your theme and its something been looking to. How do I get the theme?

    1. Hi, I do not follow a theme, Im doing it randomly this time too. Thank you for your kind words :)

  6. Hmm. Thoughtful.
    My birthday is my special day, and I deliberately stay away from anybody who is not special for me. I have always called off from work and spent time with family and close friends.
    Keep writing and keep your spirits up girl, you write well and really thoughtful posts. :)



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