Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Contended before death

It was a dark night. The atmosphere was still, noiseless. The day had been tiresome. I was out of fuel, tired and exhausted. I looked around, it was dense and dark. I was lost and homeless. I had lost all the energy, yet I had little hope that kept me moving. I was feeling very hungry. I kept moving up and down with a blurred vision. Amidst the dark, I spotted a dim light. Since my vision was blurred, I reckoned the light appeared dim to me. I had no idea of the distance, but the existence of a light only struck like a spark to my hope. Clueless of how long it would take me to get there, with great effort I made my way. As I kept nearing, the light seemed to become bigger and brighter. After all I was right!It was a residence!I peered in through the window. I just couldn't take my eyes off what I saw! It was a beautiful young lady! I conceived she was sweet. Her pinkish and glowing cheeks beckoned me.Contend brimmed me with the instinct that my journey had after all not been in vain. I cautiously entered her room, still with eyes fixed on what I saw. Without a second thought I hastened towards the lovely cheeks which beckoned me. In an excitement I gave her a love bite! She screamed! I hid under her bed. Her husband rushed, she complained him of what her senses told her. He looked around, but couldn't spot me. He whispered to her and left the room. I chuckled in victory. In joy, I set for a peaceful night's sleep under her bed. Suddenly I sensed an odour. It was a kind of smoke. I was suffocating. It was stimulating me to faint. I immediately turned towards the window sill. The windows were closed. I realised the horror of the situation. I knew what was happening. Although it was time for me to die, I was contended that I had my stomach filled before death. Like every other helpless mosquitoes, I let myself die in the smoke of the mosquito coil!


  1. autobiography of a mosquito !!

    that was nice!

  2. Its a Nice piece of work.
    Quite novel theme.
    keep it up

  3. haa haaa... i thought its gonna b a male ghost or sumthing.. too good!!

  4. hehe nice stuff
    but i guessed you are a mosquito after the love bite thing.
    you should try fiction 55...


  5. I am a mosquito?;) LOL. Thank u:)

  6. hey very nice.... u know my coll friends call me mosquito... ha ha ha

  7. The Mosquito Diaries.. :)
    Nice write up.. ! gr8 one!

  8. I loved the twist I thought initially it was a ghost or spirit from the past.

  9. wow..i neva was expectin it to be a mosquito way to go mals!! awesome narration!!



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