Friday, September 25, 2009

Freedom Fighters

Respite and resent, war and truce

Were the part and parcel of the great “Those”

Informidable grit, patience and elegance

Are footprints that we still reminisce.

Unity in diversity and the mosaic of cultures-

Are the lore and lessons we did infer

From the bottom up, to stoop and build

They paved the way for a nation developed

Air of freedom, soil of fraternity

Are the sweet fruits we reap

From the farmers of our nation called “Freedom Fighters”.

Amidst the nonchalance and hassle

Battling in strife for justice,

Our heroes waded through the foggy times.

Their memoirs could disappear into oblivion

But the fruit of their strife, still cascade to each progeny.

Reminiscing them in my journey of life,

Take I pleasure to say Jai Hind!!!


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  2. God and soldier all men adore
    In times of need and no more
    When war is over and things are
    God is slighted and the old
    soldier negleted

    Thank you for remembering



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