Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Made A Mistake[Just rhyme, fun one]
I went to the bathroom to have a bath,
I made a mistake.......and slipped on the path!

I went to the school to learn some rhyme,
I made a mistake......and was caught for not reaching in time!

I went to the terrace to salute the sun,
I made a mistake........and landed on the bin!

I went to granny's house to give her company,
I made a mistake...and was fired for not having looked after mummy!

I went to the refrigerator 2 eat the chocolates yummy,
I made a mistake......and ended up aching my tummy!

I went to the market to get some cabbage,
I made a mistake.......and was carried away in the vegetable carriage!

I went to the doc' for getting some treatment,
I made a mistake.........and tore my garment!

I went to the church to marry Jane,
I made a mistake.......she turned out to be a nun!

I went to the party to meet my friends,
I made a mistake.......and was made clammy with cakes and buns!

I went to Roja's house to play,
I made a mistake.....she began to bray!

I went to the kitchen to have some tea,
I made a mistake....and drank the ghee!

I went to the window to see the bright ray,
I made a mistake......and got locked inside all day!

I went to the teacher to learn some Math,
I made a mistake..........and fell into the boiling froth!


  1. Nice... Creatively comic! :) really!
    It also proves the freedom of ur mind! Hats off!

  2. Simple but powerful

    Portray of feeling of every person

    A w e s o m e ...



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