Monday, December 21, 2015


I havent given much of a thought about my death. I remember being taught by my Christian teachers at school that everyone should go to heaven when we die and I have aspired for it. My goal in life was set with my building interest in English. A lesson about Kalpana Chawla intrigued me to aim for the stars. Her dedication and passion for her work fuelled me to strengthen my goal and I yearned to become a journalist. When I was doing my masters, my first experience in reporting for a subject called journalistic skills, showed me the first taste of journalism for my thirsty aspiration to become a reporter. That night I could not sleep. I woke up my mother in the middle of the night and said that if I died that moment, my soul would rest in peace. But the desire to accompish more was much empowering than the contentment and I progressed.

I have yet not thought how I wanted to die. I asked my boyfriend how he wanted to die. Apparently, he too had not given it a thought. He vaguely said that he wanted to provide free amneties for at least 10000 people before his death. My idea of charity is different from his and I debated that charity should contribute towards one's development and not comfort with laziness. Abdul Kalam's death was perfect. He died peacefully and just the way he wanted. He advised people to dream, work for it and achieve it. Im sure he wanted to die while teaching.

Given a chance to die at work, I am not sure if I want that. But before dying, I know I have to complete the purpose of my span on earth by making a positive difference in another's life. I would not choose the path of Teresa and give out myself for service. Rather I want to be a good person to those who raised me and to my new family. Of course one cannot be a perfectionist but at once I have secured enough for their future and mine, I will give back to the society whatever I can and wait for god to reward me. When I die, I want to die a peaceful way like Kalam and yet be happy when my soul departs my body.

Kalam's recent speech at Shillong on the lines of knowledge which according to him is an integration of creativity, courage and righteousness rings a bell in me. I read an alarming quote somewhere that said that a successful business can be executed when u do it for a purpose greater than oneself. I want to go that extra mile to work and make others happy in the righteous way. That goal alone can make one successful. When you love unconditionally,it hurts.But when you work unconditionally, it rewards!

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  1. Interesting read! Thinking about our deaths and how we wish to die certainly isn't a topic of discussion many people are comfortable with!

    Personally I'm at peace with with the concept of dying, but I feel I still have so much to accomplish before I go!




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