Friday, January 6, 2017

Expectations Versus Reality

I am one among those thousands of people out there who was deceived believing all through my childhood that college life meant freedom and happiness.

Pow! Reality punched my face when I was enrolled in an average engineering college. Having studied in an all girls school throughout, it came as a shock when I saw that guys and girls do not talk to each other normally, my classmates were not civilized and raised with poise, and boys always eve teased. Topping this up was bad infrastructure and teaching.

My passion towards journalism somehow kept breeding even in tough times and I convinced myself that a sophisticated and renowned college would match to my standards of fun and civilisation.

Yet another time, life rung the reality bell and my PG life too was a total disaster because the ways of those students were shockingly rude and disappointingly bad.

With lessons learnt, I had nil expectations for my job life. ‘Colleagues’ as ppl would call the fellow workers, were not to be tagged as ‘friends’, I told myself.

My first job was a challenging reporter profile where I traveled all around the city. It gave me knowledge, power and strength. And the people? They were great friends! We were four guys n me, the only girl in our gang and we even went out together for night shows. Real friendship, I experienced for the first time in my life.

Days passed n I shifted four companies. In my recent company, which was my first corporate experience, I witnessed Christmas day celebrations and it was like living a great childhood life as an adult. I felt rejuvenated and happy.

At last, my career has been a fairy tale with many happily ever afters. When one door closes, another opens.

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  1. in the beginning the path may be tough but later very enjoyable........happy atleast ur enjoying the days now after a long strugle..



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