Thursday, September 22, 2011


Complacency, although a sign of magnanimity
Human tendency belies misfortune.
For someone who yearns to aggrandize
A coercive hiatus darts and shatters.
Although birds of same feathers only flock
All birds do aspire to fly!
Consecrated not as holy but solitary
Hardens pliancy and nurtures reprehensibility.
Vicissitudes can beleaguer and deter.
Transforming it into self pity or serendipity
"Lies in the eyes of the beholder",
Is a plausible way to find solace.
Had I made my first decision obstinately,
I needn't be suffering abstemiously.
Its indeed afflicting receiving affront
But to retrospect and introspect
Is the maneuver to grapple.
To err is human,
To correct is the fruition!

Thank you for taking your time off to read my 100th poem:)

For those who just had the experience of reading a jargon, here's the dictionary :D I just wanted to use up all these words into my emotion, n apologies for making it abstruse:)
1.Complacency-satisfaction with one's own situation 2.magnanimity-noble 3.aggrandize-increase the power or reputation 4.coerce- to force someone to do something 5.hiatus-a break or gap in a continuous series. 6.consecrate-set apart for a holy purpose 7.pliancy-flexibility 8.reprehensibility-an act that deserves criticism 9.vicissitudes-change of luck or circumstances 10.beleaguer-attack 11.deter-discourage from one's action 12.serendipity-fortunate occurrence of events 13.plausible-superficial 14.solace-comfort in distress 15.obstinate-to not yield under pressure 16.abstemious-not self indulgent 17.afflict-hurting 18.retrospect-to look into past events 19.introspect-to examine one's own thoughts 20.maneuver-skilful movement 21.grapple-to deal with a problem 22. fruition- fulfillment of hope or plan

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  1. first time i'm reading ur blog and it happens to be ur 100th poem.. Damn!!!!! gr8 achievement.. But read thro this one. Fabulous.. n yea sure needed those meanings for some of those.. Phew!!!! Great job! :D



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